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Route for Doby procession announced

The route for the Master Sergeant Stephen Doby (UMC, Ret.) procession into Waynesboro has been announced. Officials with Freeman Funeral Home said the vehicles carrying and escorting Doby’s remains will come into the county on Highway 45 South from Meridian, then take the Dyess Bridge Road exit. From there, the procession will turn right and…

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Tank to be part of Pachuta Veteran’s Memorial, Museum

The M-60 tank that has been located in front of the old National Guard Armory was officially removed from the grounds Tuesday morning. After the City of Waynesboro approved donating the tank to the Village of Pachuta, officials there have been working to have it moved. Pachuta Alderman Terry Herring said the village has been…

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VIDEO—How Wayne County is “Trashed”

Click on the screen above to watch a documentary produced by Ole Miss regarding the trash and litter problems that continue to plague Wayne County. This video premiered on this website in May 2018 but the problem still persists. We hope that by posting this video again we can create some positive actions to address…

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