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4 Things to Keep In Mind for Your Family Hunting Trip

Going on a hunting trip with your family is an exciting way to bond with each other in nature. Whether it’s your first trip or your tenth, it’s good to always take precautions and leave nothing to chance. To make sure you go back with great memories and amazing stories, it’s important to take the necessary precautions. Have a look at four things you need to keep in mind to have a great trip.

Talk About Firearm Safety

Before you set off on your hunting trip, make sure to have a discussion with the whole family about firearm safety. Check that everyone knows about a gun’s safety, when it’s on and when it’s not, how to handle one, how to use one, and how to put one away. Download instructions from the internet or come up with your own set of rules to guide everyone because prevention, in this case, is better than cure. With many statistics on accidents involving guns out there, do everything within your power to avoid being a part of those numbers.

Practice Safe Driving

A motorist under the age of 21 years in Michigan can be charged with the OWI offense labeled ‘Zero Tolerance’, which means that any amount of alcohol in a motorist’s system, even if it does not affect their ability to drive a car, can leave them open to being charged. If you are traveling for your hunting trip outside your state, make sure that you know all the general road safety rules as you cross state lines.

Make Sure You’re all in Good Health

Before you pack your rifle, ammo, and gear ready to hit the road, make sure you and everyone accompanying you on the hunting trip is in good health for maximum enjoyment of your expedition. Being in sound health guarantees positive memories during your trip as it will not feel tortuous and strenuous. If possible, go for a full checkup and get recommendations from your doctor for anyone who has a condition. This is especially true for optical and oral health. With four million Americans currently wearing braces as found by the American Association of Orthodontists, get braces checked out for anyone in your family who wears them.

Let Family Know Where You Are

When planning on going away, let people close to you know your whereabouts during your trip. Also, let them know when you are likely to be back and any more important details. If you make some adjustments or changes during the trip, make prior communication as this information can prove useful in case something goes wrong. People who care can get worried and start looking for you if you don’t turn up when you are supposed to. Leave a contact phone number and a calendar of your trip behind with someone you trust. Note that this is not the same as broadcasting your intentions on social media, which can leave you open to being profiled by criminals. About 1.25 million people get into fatal road accidents every year throughout the world. Approximately 20-50 million more sustain permanent disabilities or injuries due to traffic accidents, and these statistics should inspire you to make sure your loved ones, who you’re not traveling with, know where you are and what routes you’re taking.

These are four of the critical things you should put into consideration while embarking on this year’s hunting trip with your family. Remember self-preservation and observing safety guidelines is fundamental to having a successful and memorable trip. With this in mind, don’t forget to have fun and take your trophies home. Let the hunt begin!

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