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How to Navigate Working from Home as a Single Parent

As a parent, the responsibility of feeding, educating, and caring for kids can be challenging. Additionally, a parent still faces the stress of earning sufficient income to sustain the family’s needs. Things may be harder, especially for single parents. In addition to home duties, a person may be required to work from home. This may be due to an organization’s policy or an emergency, for example, the COVID 19 pandemic. The following are some tips you can use to navigate working from home as a single parent.

Set Up Unique Housing Arrangements

The typical nuclear family arrangement is not usually favorable to single-family needs both logistically and financially. So, if you want to reduce the costs and get childcare help, you should consider sharing rentals and homes or living with your extended family. For instance, you could consider purchasing a house with extra rooms to allow a relative to live with you. You can also create a workstation in the house. Notably, averagely, an individual’s work station shrunk from 80 square feet in 1992 to 39 square feet this year. A relative may assist you with household duties like gardening and taking care of your kids. You can also opt to partner with a roommate and rent a big house. However, the roommate should embrace being part of a family setting. This allows you to minimize costs and to help one another when the need arises comfortably.

Make A Typical Work Schedule

There are many divorce cases in the U.S. Typically, kids spend 277 days annually with custodial parents in divorce cases. Although not all single parents need to sacrifice upward mobility and higher pay to be more available to their kids, they may opt for flex time, night shifts, and part-time jobs. Increasingly, employers understand that flexibility boosts their employees’ dedication. Therefore, today’s single parents can create schedules based on their families’ needs. However, these choices may force you to change your career path. For instance, you can choose to quit your job and start your own business in order to be more flexible. This allows you to spend more time with your kids and work from home without pressure from your boss.

Build Practical Support Networks

As a single parent, your creativity should go beyond unique work arrangements and time management. Single parents can use many clever ways to balance their family responsibilities and their work by establishing support networks. Some of these strategies may involve their kids. For example, you may instruct your child to cook dinner once in a while as you undertake your job duties and assignments. As the kids enjoy preparing dinner, you will have time to do some additional work. Furthermore, kids of single parents are more self-sufficient and resilient since they are expected to engage in household tasks.

Virtual and in-person networking is also crucial for single parents. The most effective networks are a combination of people you aren’t so close with and close connections. Although family members and friends offer meaningful bonds, acquaintances can access information that people close to you may not have. People close to you may be aware of some after-school programs and babysitters, while your acquaintances may offer you valuable information about available programs and helpful information. For example, did you know child support is payable until a child turns 21? Such information can be obtained from acquaintances.

Communicate and Collaborate

Rather than corporate managers, communication and collaboration are practical tools that all people can apply. Since a family can be viewed as a team, members should be transparent, especially about what they can do and what they cannot. It would help if you communicated your expectations, emotional forecast, and schedules throughout the day. A person can also consult their family on where to create their workstation and the design to use. Help from a workspace designer like Jacobs, a major design and workspace construction firm, can be useful. Collaboration in a family may entail things such as making decisions and managing house chores. This offers a person a conducive environment to perform their home duties.

A single parent may face many challenges, especially when working from home. However, the above tips can help you to navigate your duties.


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