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How to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

If you have just acquired a new house, moving in is no doubt exciting. The best part is the blank canvas that you can start to paint in colors that speak to you. Read on to see a few tips you can use to make your new house feel like a home!

Do a Deep Clean of the House

There’s bound to be a lot of dirt and dust in your new home if it’s been remodeled or built afresh, so make sure to clean it up before you bring your stuff. When you move in, you will also have a lot of packaging which you used to bring your things in, so this calls for a second cleanup that will be easier and faster than the first one.

Dust the shelves, wipe the windows, and clean the floors before you settle in, and you will be glad when you’re done. You could also go a step further and improve the smells in your new home. Use scented candles, air fresheners, or even bake a fresh batch of muffins or your favorite pastry!

Put Up Art

The simple act of looking at art can reduce your stress by a lot, so you can hang up some artistic pieces. If you are a patriot and want this to reflect all around, get art from any of a number of American artists. Their art pieces appear in 40% of art collections worldwide.

Putting up personal paintings or art you’ve done or gifts you’ve received from loved ones will go a long way in making the house more personal for you.

Upgrade the Shower

We spend a lot of time in the shower, getting clean and relaxing. You can install a new shower or even add a tub to give your family a taste of luxury each time they are in the shower.

If you are new in the area and don’t know many local contractors, you can seek help from your real estate agent if you dealt with one. Up to 78% of people who bought a home recently found a lot of important information from their real estate agent.

Plant a Garden

Gardening is a relaxing pastime for many people, and so if you’re one of them, this may be a good way to start making your house feel like a cozy home. Plants and flowers are known to positively impact our mood, so spending some time in the garden will lift your spirits as well as help your home look good.

Gardening can also help you by providing fresh herbs for you if you plant some. It can also be the source of fresh-cut flowers if you grow aesthetic plants like rose bushes.

An alternative to gardening is getting plenty of houseplants if you don’t have space outdoors. As long as you water them as often as needed, they will look good while purifying the air in your new home.

Get a Pet

With over 75 million pet dogs in the United States, you will be in great company getting one. While a pet comes with a lot of responsibility, having one can also give you some great and much-needed social support.

If you can do a few of these things in your new house, it will be feeling like home in no time at all. It is important for the place you live to look and feel good for you, so take some time to make your house feel like home, and you will be happy and relaxed at the end of the day just thinking of getting back home.

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