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VIDEO—How Wayne County is “Trashed”

Click on the screen above to watch a documentary produced by Ole Miss regarding the trash and litter problems that continue to plague Wayne County. This video premiered on this website in May 2018 but the problem still persists. We hope that by posting this video again we can create some positive actions to address this problem.


  1. john reaux on January 24, 2021 at 1:35 pm

    we see this every day. you have to watch the car ahead of you as they may throw a bottle out and hit you. people leaving a drive threw throwing out unwanted food containers. While picking up trash beside hi-way people have thrown out cans and bottles, some hollow ” oh sorry” . that means I didn’t even look first. Self centered people, it’s ok because it’s me.

    • kenya gaines on August 1, 2021 at 2:54 pm

      I realize that people do throw trash out of their cars, but I feel strongly that if the trash was picked up on a daily basis the town wouldn’t look like that. I have seen Mr. Charles Leggett pick up more trash than the city workers. Any day you drive by his office he’s walking picking up paper. The workers ride around in air-conditioned vehicles doing nothing. Yet they have the ordasity to complain. You can call for them to come get some limbs you have cut or come pick up some furniture that you’re throwing away. It will sit there on the side of the road for days maybe even a week before they decide to come pick it up. The supervisors don’t come out of the office to make sure that the workers are actually working because I feel like it’s too hot for them and it’s also work for them. I’m being realistic about the entire situation. I strongly feel if they actually did there work that the communities would follow their lead.

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