Residents warned of scam in area

By Paul Keane

The Wayne County News

Wayne County Sheriff Jody Ashley is wanting to warn residents about scam making it’s way through the area, reminding people that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Ashley said he has received numerous phone calls from residents saying they had been contacted by an individual claiming that the resident had won $5 million. All the “winner” needed to do was wait at home and pay $10,000 to claim the prize.

“This is nothing but a scam, and we don’t want anyone to put themselves in a dangerous situation nor be scammed out of money,” Ashley said. “Inviting strangers to your home under the pretense of having won money — especially when they want you to pay a processing or some other type of fee — is simply not something you want to do.

“Anyone with information about these suspects who are contacting people in this matter is asked to call my office or Crime Stoppers at 601-735-5323.”

Traditionally, scams and fraudulent practices increase around the holiday season. With Monday’s start of the Mississippi Lottery, an increase in scams can be expected as well as “scammers” try to take advantage of people by luring them in with promises of large winnings.

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