Helpful Tips For A Good Start To Your Gardening Season This Year

We may still be in the middle of winter, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t started thinking about your gardening plans this year. Luckily, you don’t have to wait until the ground thaws to get a headstart on the season. With these tips, you’ll have your garden in tip-top shape by the time you start hosting parties and get-togethers in June, when ice cream production is at its highest and everyone wants to spend time outdoors in a beautiful garden.

Start Indoors

To kick off your spring gardening, you can start nurturing your greens indoors toward the end of the winter. Invest in as many tiny pots as you want plants, and start off by picking the right soil mixture. For seedlings to succeed, your soil mix should be lightweight and have good drainage. If you have access to a greenhouse, your plants will certainly thank you. However, a couple of sunny windowsills or a few fluorescent lights will also do the job well.

Battle Weeds Early

As soon a new growth starts to emerge in the spring, you can be sure that there will be plenty of weeds mixed in as well. You’ll want to start fighting the weeds in your yard as soon as the soil is no longer frozen, which is typically a few weeks before the last frost. Identify the areas in your yard prone to weed growth and start mulching them to make it harder for weeds to take root. Be sure to pull weeds and plants that are hard to kill, such as dandelions, dock weed, and poison ivy as soon as they crop up.

Get Your Equipment Ready

Before its time to get to work on your garden, open up your shed and dust off the equipment that’s been sitting in there all winter. Keep in mind that heavy equipment, like lawn mowers, may need a tune-up after being dormant for so many months. You’ll also want to make any gardening purchases before its time to dig into your garden’s soil. Garden cameras are an increasingly popular tool professional and amateurs alike are utilizing.

Watching your garden may be a strange concept for some, but these cameras allow homeowners to record wildlife and nighttime visits, record the progress of garden plants, and prevent theft and vandalism. Just as 50% of police officers say that using body cameras would make it more likely that officers act appropriately, the presence of a garden camera tends to discourage would-be vandals and thieves. Buying products like these before the gardening season begins assures that you will be prepared for just about anything.

Preparing for your spring garden now not only gives you a good start, but it can do wonders to lift the winter blues. Focus now on cultivating your perfect garden this year and you’ll set yourself up for a wonderful summer.

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