3 Surprising Ways Your HVAC Unit Makes Life Better

Individuals who have air conditioners know the joy of a comfortable home. Sleeping in an air-conditioned room on a hot summer night is one of life’s greatest luxuries. Air conditioning units are often part of a greater HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) unit, and with a quality HVAC system, you’ll never have to spend a day or night dealing with uncomfortable indoor temperatures.

While the indoor temperature control of a good HVAC unit may be one of life’s little luxuries, these systems actually maintain a suitable home environment in other, lesser-known ways. Without these overlooked functions of HVAC units, modern living would not only be less comfortable, but less healthy, affordable, and sustainable as well.

Here are just a few surprising and important purposes beyond temperature management that your HVAC serves. Who knew?

1. Your HVAC Unit Protects Your Health

The ventilation aspect of an HVAC unit maintains good indoor air quality, which reduces residents’ allergy and asthma symptoms. While only 5.3% of children have food allergies, a whopping 6.1 million children have allergic rhinitis, or hay fever. Indoor allergens like pet dander, dust mites, and mold spores can all trigger rhinitis-related allergic reactions, and even high humidity levels can aggravate lung conditions. Luckily, an HVAC unit keeps the air clearer of such particulate matter, which helps your whole family breathe a little easier.

2. Your HVAC Unit Protects the Environment

Your HVAC unit protects not only your family’s health, but the health of the planet as well. When your air conditioning and heating system is working properly, the machine conserves energy. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, about 56% of the energy used in homes in the United States goes towards heating and cooling. However, new innovations make this equipment more efficient and eco-friendly than ever. Air conditioning units can monitor the temperature of a room and stop blowing cold air once the desired temperature is reached. Similarly, HVAC zoning allows home and business owners to control the temperature of specific spaces, so that your unit doesn’t waste energy trying to warm or cool an empty room. Without a good air conditioner, your utility bills and carbon footprint would be significantly larger.

3. Your HVAC Unit Protects Your Electronics

Finally, many devices in your home require specific temperature and humidity conditions to continue working properly. Without an HVAC unit, your computer could more easily overheat or even become clogged with dust. In fact, data centers rely on air conditioning to keep processing units working properly– over 65% of IT equipment failures are directly attributed to problems with air conditioning. From professional computer equipment to residential desktops, a good HVAC unit can keep electronics in top condition for years to come.

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