New Year, New Kitchen: The Best Kitchen Trends For 2019

A home’s kitchen is where all of the action happens. It’s where you cook family meals, the kids do their homework on the large island, and the dog waits patiently for food scraps to be dropped on the floor. Even the best kitchens could use some upgrades or an entire remodel if that’s what an outdated design requires. As we head into 2019, make sure that the remodeling design you choose stays with the times while being functional for your home.

A Twist On The Sink

The phrase “everything but the kitchen sink” certainly does not apply to what you can switch up with an innovative design. In the new year, swap out your traditional sink for one that comes with a removable cutting board, ice bucket, and integrated coasters and pot holders. This Swiss Army Knife of kitchen sinks is perfect for saving space in a small kitchen. If you’d rather not have an all-in-one sink, you can still stay on trend by installing an embossed sink or a colored one that acts as an accent for the rest of your kitchen furnishings.

Cabinets Without Handles

One of the easiest ways to infuse a modern look into your kitchen is with cabinets that do not have handles. As a sleek and streamlined design, handleless cabinets are a top design trend for kitchens in 2019. Instead of traditional handles, designers are cutting out holes in various shapes and sizes into cabinet doors. Typically, they are round-shaped holes or long indents that run along the base of the cabinet door. As 40% to 50% of total kitchen remodel costs generally go towards the cabinets, use the funds to install minimalist cabinets that make your kitchen pop.

Bring The Herb Garden Inside

By installing indoor planters alongside your sink, you can create an indoor herb garden. Cooking trends are pointing toward fresh ingredients, making dried herbs stored in cabinets out of date and out of taste. Fresh herbs give your homemade meals a whole new taste and the indoor garden bring a wonderfully natural element to your kitchen design. For proper garden growth, make sure that your indoor herb garden has a good source of lighting.

Metallic Accents

Rose gold has taken over nearly every aesthetic in our world, and it’s creeping into the kitchen as well. Metal has always been used in kitchens as accent pieces for faucets, sinks, handles, and appliances. Chrome has been widely used for a long time, and the 90s brought shiny brass into the mix. Satin nickel became a popular choice in the 2000s and this decade is integrating bolder choices of rose gold, warm gold, and copper.

In design, the sky is the limit. While these are a few of the top trend for the coming year, kitchens that integrate bold choices will always be seen favorably. If your choices are bold enough, you may even become a 2020 trendsetter.

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