Your Home’s Windows Can Be Cool, Warm, Energy-Efficient, and Stylish

A home’s windows aren’t meant to just look great. Sure, they can look nice from both up close and afar, but they have plenty of practical uses, as well — especially when it comes to energy efficiency. Heat gain and heat loss through windows are actually responsible for between 25% and 30% of residential heating and cooling energy usage.

Though we’re still dealing with some brutally hot temperatures across the United States, it’s important that homeowners aren’t neglecting their windows during the winter, either. Windows need to be regularly cleaned, replaced when damaged, and as energy-efficient as possible in order to keep cold air in during the summer and warm air in during the winter.

“Houses are insulated,” said Jamie Marshall, who got a physics degree and is an expert in cross breezes. “They’re designed to keep that cold out in winter, but also designed to keep heat out in summer. Keep your windows closed during the day, as soon as the temperature gets above the interior temperature. Keep your curtains and your blinds drawn.”

A home’s or building’s windows don’t have to bland and boring, however, in order to achieve quality efficiency levels. Here are a few creative and eccentric window stylings that can also keep structures cool, warm, and energy efficient:

  • Direct Glaze Corner Window – Marvin — This window conveniently opens up on two sides of the facade at the same time. Additionally, there are all sorts of applications possible, with sizes made up to 76 inches by 146 inches in vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • Clear Vision – AGC Glass — These low-iron glass alternative windows can produce terrific interior lighting with 92% light transmission.
  • Furniture-grade finishes – Weather Shield — These windows can add plenty of color and personality to a structure’s interior. The finish is factory-applied, as well, so it prevents blotchy and inconsistent post-installation paint jobs.
  • Insulated Glass — Atelier Domingue — This window styling is great for both residential and commercial usage. The design features a low-profile steel frame and each window is custom fabricated by metal artisans.

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