3 Home Improvement Ideas That Are Perfect for Late Summer and Early Fall

Though the summer season is still in full swing, it won’t be long until the weather starts to cool down and the beautiful glow of autumn makes its way into your heart and home. That being said, many homeowners find it challenging to determine which of their home improvement goals to prioritize during this unique time of year. But there is a wide range of renovations that are perfect to complete before the winter weather arrives in just a few short months. Here are just a few home improvement projects that are perfect for late summer or early fall.

Repair Your Roof

Durable, steel shipping containers average a 25-year lifespan and require minimal maintenance, but whether you live in a shipping container home, a modular home, or a traditional home, having a durable roof is absolutely essential. If you’ve been putting off roof repairs for a while because it’s not winter yet, now’s the time to make a move and ensure your roof can handle the winter weather when it arrives. It’s not just snow that can cause issues, either — the cold temperatures of winter can make any existing roof leaks worse. Don’t wait until you see snow falling to take action; by that time, it’s already too late. Call a professional who can assess the level of damage and repair your roof efficiently. The peace of mind you’ll have when your roof has been repaired makes the investment worth every penny. Bring it on, snow!

Add Insulation

If you’re particularly concerned about the brutal winter temperatures making their way into your home in a few months, consider adding some insulation to your home to keep the heat in and the cold out. If you have the budget, high-quality insulation like ICFs (insulated concrete forms) will provide a significant ROI: According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, ICF walls can save homeowners 20% to 25% on annual heating and cooling costs. For homeowners with smaller budgets, adding some caulking or basic attic insulation can make a noticeable difference in your home’s draftiness and help to keep you warm. But whatever your budget may be, the first step is to schedule a home energy audit with a professional who can tell you where you need to make improvements. Keep in mind that a 2017 Unilever study found that 33% of consumers, or one in three, prefer to choose brands that support social or environmental causes, and of all the items on this list, insulating your home properly can have the most environmental and energy-saving benefits.

Modernize and Colorize

Finally, if you’re looking to give your home a whole new look, doing it before winter starts can help you stay energized and motivated, even on those gloomy winter days when you’re snowed in. If you have an outdated finish, consider painting them or otherwise brightening them up. For example, natural wood and timber finishes were very popular a few decades ago — especially in Ireland, Europe’s third largest island. But now, this style is considered heavily outdated. If you’re trying to sell your home, this will boost its value and marketability as well. Don’t be shy — feel free to give everything a fresh color, including your doors, ceiling beams, kitchen units, staircases, and more.

Ultimately, there are countless home improvement ideas that are perfectly pulled off during this unique time of year. The most important part is to make a plan that’s within your budget and act on it before the cold weather hits.

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