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Growing your business: Tips for applying for small business loans
The outlook for small business is up with many business owners feeling good about the future of the economy, their financial positions and their plans for growth.
5 packing tips to make the back-to-college move easier
While college students usually don't have a lot of belongings that need to be moved, the process can be exhausting and overwhelming. These tips will help to make the move easier.
Strategic tips to save money on back-to-school deals
The cost for school supplies rose 5.3 percent last year. When prices increase that much, it's a good idea to plan ahead and look for ways to save.
Expert tips for making peer learning part of your child's academic success
A growing body of evidence proves peer learning and study groups are main drivers for academic success.
Promoting peer engagement through afterschool programs
Interacting with their peers in an afterschool classroom setting can help alleviate some of your child's back-to-school anxiety.
College personal safety: essential tips for students heading back to campus
5 tips to improve reading skills over the summer
Each summer, three-quarters (some 43 million) of America's kids miss out on expanded learning programs, leaving them at risk of falling behind before the next school year begins.
Religious guidance, moral support and more roles filled by Navy Chaplain Corps
When serving domestically and overseas, Sailors are away from home, family, familiar settings and traditions. Many use their beliefs and faith to help them understand and manage the unfamiliar surroundings they're experiencing.
Preparing for cyber warfare
The question is being raised - is America prepped to handle a contemporary cyber war?
Learn how to help college students take control of their health
College may provide the first opportunity for many young adults to make important health decisions for themselves. Learn how to help college students take control of their health.
What employers want: the 3 'Cs'
Whether you are an employer looking to hire someone or the person looking to get hired, it's all about competency.
Wholesome snacks for back to school
The new school year shouldn't stop you from offering your children healthy snacks. Try these easy creations.
Seven tips for a greener back-to-school season
You can ensure your family remains eco-friendly this back-to-school season with some simple tips.
Intersection of technology and health care improves patient care
The health care industry is shifting its focus from volume to value, rewarding health care providers who offer higher quality, more efficient care. Many health systems are adopting new technology to enable this evolution.
Smart tips to keep your student and their possessions safe this school year
Find easy tips to help your student protect their expensive technology during the upcoming school year.
From battlefield to boardroom ... jobs report suggests more positive employment environment for military veterans
Employment opportunities seem to be on the upswing for military veterans, which is encouraging for the hundreds of thousands of service members returning from duty who are looking for new civilian career opportunities.
Money-saving tips so you can earn your degree without going into debt
Learn how to spend and save wisely so you can graduate without a mountain of debt.
Keeping kids stimulated all summer can help prevent the summer learning slide
Try these six fun, educational activities to help your children avoid the summer slide.
Important guidelines for landing that perfect job
If you're a recent college graduate, landing the perfect job takes planning and finesse. Here are some tips that can help.
Librarians: unsung heroes of the digital age
Learn why librarians are more important than ever in the digital age.
Balancing active duty and pursuing an online degree
Online degree programs provide flexibility that can help active-duty service members achieve the educational goals.
Game on: Kid tested, parent approved?
Video games can be a great teaching tool for kids. Here's how to pick ones that children will love while they're learning.
When freedom rings: top tips to help launch your own business
Interested in launching your own business? Learn the tips of the trade here.
Student loan aftermath: educating graduates on the importance of credit scores
Do you know just how big the student loan crisis is? Find out and learn how graduates can improve their financial standing.
The real cost of delaying retirement savings will shock you
Retirement is typically low on the list of priorities for recent grads, but ignoring the issue entirely can literally cost young professionals hundreds of thousands of dollars.
The self-employment surge and how professionals can best prepare
Learn what you need to do to accomplish your goals in an ever-changing marketplace.
Expert help - not low prices - key to higher sales, more satisfied customers
Shoppers become buyers when they get expert help and great service, not just when prices are low, study shows.
Don't go back to college broke
Simple tricks for helping college students stretch those summer earnings well into the school year.
Overlooking insurance during your job search could cost you
Learn why asking the right insurance questions may be the most important part of your job search.
Give high school grads the right start for college with these technology gifts
Technology is one of the most practical gifts a high school graduate can receive. Check out these great tech gifts to help the graduate in your life prepare for heading off to college.
Have you thought of everything before you switch jobs? [Infographic]
Changing jobs is about much more than just salary. Here's why.
Take these steps to keep your kid's information secure on school computers
Check out what you need to ask to make sure your child is safe while getting the most out of today's digital classroom.
Fun kids' activities reverse summer learning loss
Research shows students can lose two to three months of learning over the summer break, meaning parents should take steps to keep kids' math, reading and science skills fresh. Here are some fun ideas.
How to say goodbye to work worries while on vacation
A vacation can quickly pass you by if you can't let go of work. Consider these tips for managing work while on vacation.
New discoveries decode the symbols and mysteries of the Mona Lisa
An estimated 6 million people view the Mona Lisa each year at the Louvre in France, and new discoveries have uncovered some of the mysteries surrounding this art icon.
How to change careers in 5 simple steps
If you're contemplating a career change, there are some important things to consider. These five tips will help you gain confidence in your decision to transform your work.
Don't let college debt drag you down
How far into debt should you go to fund your education? Keep these considerations in mind when balancing student loan debt with your career goals.
Dress for success: tips for building a professional wardrobe
Whether you are a recent grad or someone re-entering a professional work environment, building a work wardrobe that strikes a balance between professionalism and personal style is key.
Life after the Olympics: Luger offers insight on balancing work, school and life
Everyone needs a plan for balancing work, home and school demands. A 2014 Winter Olympian shares her insight.
Tips to successfully transform from graduate to employee
The job market is more competitive than ever. Learn how to get the edge and move from graduate to employee with these tips.
Health care teams demand nurses with doctorate degrees
Health care leaders are facing the challenge of providing quality care while meeting the needs of an aging population. Nurses are responding to meet this demand and leading the care team through continued education.
Increasing numbers of moms are hitting the books [Infographic]
More than half the students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree are women, and many of those women are moms. Here's why they're hitting the books.
5 college entrance exam tips to achieve success
To get into the college of your choice means a whirlwind of applications, university visits, admission interviews and exams. However, there are steps that students can take to have the best chance at success.
See a unique view of the next generation's family farm
Farmland, a new documentary film takes an intimate look at the lives of American farmers and ranchers in their '20s, all of whom are now responsible for running their farming businesses.
Your next profession: Are you meant to be a teacher?
Teaching is a fulfilling, in-demand profession. Are you meant to be a teacher?
Beyond games: Tips for tapping tech for education
There's plenty technology can do to enrich learning and help kids develop new skills. The key is finding the right ways to use technology for learning, both in the classroom and at home.
Doors opening wide for women to serve in the Navy
The chance to push limits personally and professionally is an opportunity for women in the Navy. Women who seek to pursue what some may consider male-dominated roles are not only welcome, they're wanted.
Career and technical training give students a competitive edge
Students who take career and technical courses are in high demand, and earn more than high school graduates who didn't take CTE classes.
5 ways to jump-start your credit score
It's a common financial predicament for most 20-something-year-olds: You need credit to get credit. But even if you're older and have been through some credit-wrecking havoc in your life, you could face the same issue.
Parents: How to pick the right cost-effective technology device for your child's learning
Parents considering buying a chromebook for their children to use in school should keep these pointers in mind.
Education insight: 5 tips for conquering college later in life
Older students are no longer intimidated to conquer college later in life. If it's been a long time since you've been in a classroom, it's important to understand how modern educational changes are making getting a degree easier than ever before.
These tech-related gifts will help college graduates start their careers in style
Graduation is right around the corner. If someone in your life is graduating from college and about to embark on their first career, these gift ideas can get them started in the working world.
The places you'll go: Tips for female graduates on how to lean in to your career
Does the so-called glass ceiling still exist? The truth is females face unique considerations when it comes to growing and navigating a career.
Parents: Put the brakes on kids' summer 'brain drain'
Summer drains an average of two months worth of math skills from the brain of the average student, studies show. Parents can help halt "summer brain drain" by keeping kids' minds active with science, technology, engineering and math summer programs.
Serve your country and explore the world simultaneously
It's no secret that world travel is one of the most exciting perks enjoyed by men and women in America's Navy. Check out all the travel benefits Sailors can experience during service.
What's the top learning style in America? Hands-on wins hands down, survey says
A majority of Americans say hands-on training is the hands-down winner when they want to learn something new in an educational environment.
Health care industry experiencing new demands for nurses
Nursing careers are going to continue experiencing high growth through 2022. Many careers are very patient involved, but other nursing careers may be managerial instead.
Creating connections with children who have Autism
At its heart, autism is a disorder that affects human interactions. Families and caregivers are finding new ways to connect with children who have autism.
Learning on the go: How digital learning can help you understand any topic instantly
One of the most active groups of digital learners is adults - a movement that is being driven by the desire for self-improvement and to gain knowledge about a variety of topics of personal interest. Here's what you need to know about this fascinating evolution.
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